We are NOT a flat rate shop


WHAT EXACTLY DOES FLAT RATE MEAN? Essentially if the book shows a three hour repair time you are charged three hours. Here is the kicker!! Flat rate shops reward the mechanics for beating book time. If a mechanic can stuff three hours of labor into one than the mechanic wins the lottery because he made three hours of wages in one hour. Hence in a flat rate shop there is an overwhelming amount of pressure to cut corners and speed up the repair. Almost all dealerships are flat rate shops. Mobile Diesel Medic’s business model does not base salary of mechanics on cutting corners. We are not a flat rate shop, but bill actual hours. That is why we can normally cut $1000 dollars off most diesel truck repairs vs. the dealerships.

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  • The problem with flat rate shops is that mechanics have the tendency not to do their job properly as long as they get the cut which goes beyond what is supposed to be professional work. Better then for a work to last longer but is properly done than having it repaired in a haphazard manner.

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