You will never see
us arriving
at a job sight
loaded with
5 gallon buckets
of rusty tools
attempting to
"wing it"

— Mark Armstrong

Alternative Fuels Program Spotlights Veggie Cars

For thVeggie-carsree years, Instructor Mark Armstrong has been developing an Alternative Fuels Program to identify creative fuel options. Focusing on the use of multiple fuels versus only “one big replacement,” Mark’s advanced class held an open house on May 21 displaying diverse alternative fuel projects. Students built vehicles that “go from point A to point B fueled on plant-based veggie oil and plant-based alcohol, i.e., French fry grease and fermented grape juice,” Mark says. “This fuel has the potential of being the fastest, the cleanest, the cheapest, the most adaptable, and by far the most plentiful. This fuel is electricity.”

At the open house students’ veggie car conversions running on veggie fuel weredisplayed. Discussions were held about how ethanol fuel (rotten grapes) can turn pistons and how water/alcohol injection works as a cooling agent to counteract the temperature-increase in super high fuel efficient motors. Guests and media reps experienced firsthand how the Alternative Fuel fulfills its motto: “We teach and help you build a better machine using a better fuel.” The North Bay Electric Automobile Association also met on May 21 to drive the alternative “electrical fuel” point home. Electric Vehicles (EV) owners pluggedinto the Trade Tech building for a “fuel off” from newly installed solar panels on Trade Tech’s roof, essentially fueling up free.