You will never see
us arriving
at a job sight
loaded with
5 gallon buckets
of rusty tools
attempting to
"wing it"

— Mark Armstrong

Meet the owner: Mark Armstrong


MMark Armstrongark started his business in the back of a green Volkswagen bus back in 1992 as a side job to his college studies.Back then he worked mostly on cars but as his business has grown and with his love for everything Diesel, he eventually took the step to work only on trucks and heavy duty equipment.

Mark burns for everything Alternative Fuels and wrote three course outlines for the Diesel Department at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he also used to work as a teacher one day a week. Mark has been playing an intricate part in spearheading the alternative fuels program to be a raging sucess and futured in stories in a local radio show, TV and newspapers. (See links.)

Mark self-handedly custom -built his first mobile truck from an old PG&E truck. It is designed to anything a regular shop can do, and more.


Santa Rosa JC Students Santa Rosa JC students
  With students at Santa Rosa Jr. College.

we repair trucks throughout the sf bay area

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