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See an example of of scheduled Preventative Maintenance Services.

Our PM services are outlined after California Vehicle Code Section 34505.5 CVC (BIT) as well as CHP guidelines 49 CFR 396 Appendix G to Sub-chapter B Minimum Periodic Standards.


  • 2000 Hours Equipment Service
  • Large Trailers
  • Large Trucks

2000 Hours Equipment Repair

-Visually inspect all cooing fins in front of motor for caked mud or any blockage
-Change Oil
-Change all oil filter(s)
-Check engine oil filter for foreign material
-Take engine oil sample and test for abnormalities
-Change primary fuel filter(s) / water separator(s)
-Change secondary fuel filter(s)
-Change Hydraulic fluid in hydraulic system
-Change primary hydraulic filter(s)
-Change secondary hydraulic filter(s)
-Check hydraulic filter(s) for foreign materials
-Take hydraulic oil sample and test for abnormalities
-Change transmission filter(s)
-Check transmission filter(s) for foreign material
-Take transmission oil sample and test for abnormalities
-Clean transmission screen and magnets
-Replace transmission breather
-Change differential/final drive fluid
-Take differential/final drive oil samples and test for abnormalities
-Change primary air filter
-Change secondary air filter
-Fluid level check of all fluids including batteries
-Clean engine breather
-Lube all grease service points
-Clean fuel tank cap and screen
-Perform 80 step inspection process of all hydraulic lines, fittings, tracks, axles, drive systems, pumps, PTO's, cooling componentry, charging systems, electrical as listed on equipment report
-Visually inspect transmission mounts
-Visually inspect engine mounts
-Visually inspect all hoses and pumps
-Visually inspect all cylinders and rods for leakage, cracks, bends, worn eyes, worn bushings, and other damage
-Visually inspect frame for cracks and other damage

Large Trailer PM Service

Part A
-Fluid and lube service
-Lube all grease points
-Fill axle hubs with hub oil

Part B
-Inspection Service
-Perform 80 step inspection process summarized below and also combined with this invoice as an inspection report on a separate sheet
-Check both air brake pard and drive/stop conditions through simulation of tractor
-Check trailer safety components
-Inspect condition of all air lines soft rubber lines and hard plastic lines
-Inspect brake system for loose mounting points, bunt calipers, shoes, worn bushing, defective auto slack adjusters, pads, shoes thickness etc...
-Inspect all emergency braking componentry
-Check that all lights are operational
-Check that all signal, turn indicators, reverse lights and alarms, side markers, over head indicators are all working appropriately
-Check tire condition, tread depth for nails, uneven wear, proper inflation, defective/worn tracking conditions
- Check condition of rims for cracks, uneven mounting, loose lug nuts, leaking bearing oil etc...
-Jack up front end and check wear condition of bearing and hub assembly, axle seal assembly
-Check 'on ground' load conditions of suspension leaf springs to shackle wear axle to frame for safety conditions and wear
-Inspect condition and working order of trailer coupling device
-Check all axle/frame U-bolt condition for looseness, wear
-Check all load mounting point for box and equipment for broken welds, loose box mounting U-bolts
- Check suspension for cracked air bags, cracked leaf springs, worn shackles, worn torque rods, and all other suspension defects that might cause a driving hazard.

90 Day Large Truck PM Service

Perform 90 Day CHP, DOT inspection on a heavy duty service truck


-Change oil

-Change oil filter(s)

Change fuel filter(s)

-Change fuel water separator

-Inspect and/or change all hydraulic filters

-Lube all grease points

-Perform 80 step inspection process of all hydraulic lines, fittings, tracks, axles, drive systems, pumps, PTO's, cooling componentry, charging systems, electrical