Mobile Diesel Medic an Improved Low Cost Alternative and Not Just a Compromise to the Dealer

We were just called out on a mysterious electrical problem for a larger older Chevy Diesel Van. Lots of bizarre gremlins, lights not going on when they should, glow plugs not shutting down when they should, and when the customer would fix one thing, two additional electrical problems would appear.  All our service trucks are equipped with tone generators for the really tough electrical problems.  We also carry universal fuse blocks on the shelf back at dispatch.  With a problem of this sort, we always dispatch the technician with one of these baby’s.  Lots of times the wiring leading to a fuse block is just so rotted and oxidized that every time the harness is wiggled all hell breaks loose.  This time it ended up being a bunch of melted wires but we always dispatch service trucks with the so called “A list” of potential fixes to keep down the running around time. We charge for travel time and given that the customer could not get a straight answer from any shop he decided to hire us.  Usually with something like a brake job, or a starter replacement  there is a very narrow range quoted for pricing.  But given a customer is suffering from electrical gremlins in his wiring harness, the possibilities are pretty much endless.  Even though we have a rock solid repair strategy with electrical problems, we have to quote with a wide range of pricing because we have no idea where the diagnosis is going to lead.  The reality of electrical problems is the diagnosis is the majority of the bill and the repair of the problem always is the small percentage of the bill.   With this customer his quote was $500-$1000 (with all travel fees, setting up job sight, diagnosing problem, repairing problem, close down job sight).  His final bill totaled $571.  Slam dunk baby!!!

This has been the pattern with our pricing over the years.  We have notice that our truck and equipment repair company Mobile Diesel Medic, even with our travel fees, have consistently beaten dealership quotes by around $500 to $2000.  But we are not just the mechanics that handle your easy repair problems.  Over the years customers have considered Mobile Diesel Medic an improved alternative and not just a compromise to the dealer?  We have made the capital investment in tooling, training, and OEM software.  It has been a long slog of education in my company.  Fortunately I realized many years ago if Mobile Diesel Medic does not invest we go backwards, possibly into oblivion.  There is that old adage “Just by maintaining the statuesque you drift backwards, as the world goes forward.”   We don’t strive to just be the middle ground between cost and quality, eagerly grabbing all the repair scraps that any repair shop can do.  We are a real alternative, at a lower cost.  Mobile Diesel Medic has worked hard and is proud to be the best repair facility in the San Francisco Bay Area offering better options than the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The best part is we drive one of the five repair shops on wheels out to you!!  Skip the towing fees!!  Skip two separate trips back and forth dropping off and picking up your John Deer Tractor, Snorkel Man Lift or your Manitex Crane.  The is no reshuffling of your repair order to the back of the line just because someone yells louder than you.  When you hire Mobile Diesel Medic to repair your Peterbilt Tractor, Fruehauf Trailer, Caterpillar Excavator  we are there exclusively focused on your repair.  Ninety-Five percent of our repairs are completed on the same day started.  We also offer high volume discount fleet contract accounts.

Mark owner of Mobile Diesel Medic Inc



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