Fleet Customer Discounted Rate

FleetRateProgramWe have lowered our high volume customer rate.  We started a new program with all high volume accounts that contract 20 billed hours per month.

We have also added a new service truck to our fleet plus an additional computer system to link up to class 7 GMC, Isuzu, Ford, Hino, UD, Mitsubishi, and all other smaller work trucks.  We still have all the dealer software and laptops to hook up to any and all larger applications like Detroit Diesels, Caterpillar, Cummins, Mercedes, International, Allison, Meritor, Bendix, etc… but are happy to fill in this gap with the smaller work applications.  This new computer tech tool will total our seventh computer system in our collection of computer diagnostic applications.

Along with aluminum, cast and mild steel welding we have also added stainless gas welding to Mobile Diesel Medic’s service truck #4.

We have just added three new cases of hydraulic test kits to each of our service trucks.  Each one of these diagnostic test cases can link into some of the most complicated hydraulic headaches with internal leaking, bypassing spool valves, worn pump impellers etc…

Final bit of Good News – We are now offering kidney loop filtration for renewing and removing all metal, dirt and water from large capacity hydraulic systems without replacing the fluid.  Save a couple thousand $$$ in material swap and get all the fluid extremities in your construction equipment renewed. The best part, instead of having your equipment held up in a shop for a week we can get you up and running by the next morning!!

Call us today if you have any questions on services offered

Thank You For All Your Patronage!!

Mark Armstrong

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