You will never see
us arriving
at a job sight
loaded with
5 gallon buckets
of rusty tools
attempting to
"wing it"

— Mark Armstrong

Welding & Fabricating

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Thirty percent of what our company does is weld and fabricate. Our jobs range from several hours to several weeks. No job is too small or big. Including Cast Steel!! Everyone says cast steel welding is a dying art. Our entire team of guys has the skills, special materials, and equipment to weld Cast Steel,

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Fleet Customer Discounted Rate


We have lowered our high volume customer rate. We started a new program with all high volume accounts that contract 20 billed hours per month.

We have also added a new service truck to our fleet plus an additional computer system to link up to class 7 GMC, Isuzu, Ford, Hino, UD, Mitsubishi, and all

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Burning Man


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In our business 30% of our invoices are strictly responding to emergency calls. Often the customer is stuck out in the middle of a nowhere, or on a freeway somewhere, desperate to get their truck going as soon as possible. We bring out our service trucks that are filled to

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A table full of wheel studs

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We continually reinvest back into our company. Our business model is quite the opposite of the current trend. Instead of carrying less and less on our shelves, we are continually adding more and more. THE STRATEGY BEING, through the high quantity of quality parts we carry on our trucks we get your

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Air Brake repair in San Rafael California

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Nothing more frustrating than needing a $30 part to get your tractor rolling but all the parts are 90 miles away. The North Bay is a beautiful place to live but God help you if your air brakes won’t unlock when you are rolling your truck in San Rafael, Marin or Novato. When it comes

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We are the real deal and not just digital manicured web fluff

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As you navigate through our web site you will start to notice, when Mobile Diesel Medic comes out we realize if there is a breakdown most likely allot of contractual obligations and livelihoods are being strained and the equipment has to get running quick but also repaired once and correctly. We get it. Trust me

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Welding No Doubt

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There is no doubt when you hire our company we will be the only ones fully capable of setting up whatever size metal fabrication / welding sight you need. Small to massive, with our nine different welders, 25 different bottles of shielding gas / heating gas, a mobile crane, carbon arc gouging ability, two plasma

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Air Conditioning In Hot San Leandro, Oakland,

“The excitement of the good deal is rapidly disregarded as the repeat breakdown cues the onset of your stomach ache to slowly engulf your body.” – Mark Armstrong


In the East Bay hot places like San Leandro, Oakland, Hayward, a cool cab in your truck or crane is priceless. I thought

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We are NOT a flat rate shop

Flat rate

WHAT EXACTLY DOES FLAT RATE MEAN? Essentially if the book shows a three hour repair time you are charged three hours. Here is the kicker!! Flat rate shops reward the mechanics for beating book time. If a mechanic can stuff three hours of labor into one than the mechanic wins

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Mobile Diesel Medic an Improved Low Cost Alternative and Not Just a Compromise to the Dealer

We were just called out on a mysterious electrical problem for a larger older Chevy Diesel Van. Lots of bizarre gremlins, lights not going on when they should, glow plugs not shutting down when they should, and when the customer would fix one thing, two additional electrical problems would appear. All our service trucks are

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