Burning Man


Photo: Stan

In our business 30% of our invoices are strictly responding to emergency calls.  Often the customer is stuck out in the middle of a nowhere, or on a freeway somewhere, desperate to get their truck going as soon as possible. We bring out our service trucks that are filled to the brim with hydraulic test kits,  air brake kits, dealer software wheel studs, tires, brake components, wheel seals etc etc…

But it is always nice to mix it up a little and talk about the other mechanical feats that go down for the customers of Mobile Diesel Medic.  Please have a look at our latest Burning Man Art Car fabrication job.  All the custom bent & notched tubes are not for accidental roll over.  This ride travels at a very un-sexy 4 mph.  What is unique and different about this art car is it was built with an intended universal changeover theme.  The entire roll cage/frame was designed as a base skeleton to be accepting of any variation of different art themes.  Essentially an art car that permits the owner to easily recycle the car for the next art project.  Cool Huh?!!

Somebody gave us an advice to start making smiles instead of filling cavities.  Not that a filled cavity is a bad thing.  Surly that would make me smile if my tooth was throbbing but you know what I mean, white teeth vs paying for something that no one can see?  Anyways enjoy

Our latest project has been to custom built universal interchangeable art car base.



Photos: © Jessica Armstrong


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