Air Conditioning done right

GraphitePackingGland (1 of 1)“The excitement of the good deal is rapidly disregarded as the repeat breakdown cues the onset of your stomach ache to slowly engulf your body.” – Mark Armstrong 2013

At Mobile Diesel Medic we bring out a complete professional air conditioning recharge diagnostic station to your job location.  There is so much to doing air conditioning right.  One needs to make sure when you recharge your system with new refrigerant, it remains in your system.  Here at Mobile Diesel Medic we test for leaks on all recharge jobs before we add refrigerant to your system and not after the customer returns complaining the AC recharge only lasted two weeks.  Whenever we change any components in your system, we always flush all debris and contaminants out prior to adding new parts.  Whenever changing new parts, all jobs will always include replacing expansion valves, orifice tubes, receiver dryers, and accumulators. They don’t cost that much, why be penny wise and pound foolish. There are so many different mixes of environmentally friendly refrigerants that some are not compatible with earlier less efficient versions.  When servicing your Air Conditioning system, we always come out with a top end gas analyzer to get a confirmation of purity of refrigerant prior to adding anything.  This ensures no cross contamination.  Once your system is contaminated, it is nearly impossible to bring back to original.  Finally when exposing AC hose ends, compressors, dryers, evaporators, condensers and any other A.C. components to atmosphere, your air conditioning system will never work at its optimal best if any moisture is left behind in your system.  When we drive out to your job sight all Air Conditioning Services, always include the evacuation of all water in the system before adding the refrigerant.  This takes an extra half hour but the benefits far outweigh the labor cost.

1)      Evac system under full vacuum for 30 minutes

2)      Lawful Recovery

3)      Not only do we handle Automotive R134a but also we can recharge your boats and motor coaches that us e the old R-22.

4)      We have a new product that is as environmentally safe as the R22A and as efficient as the old R-22 This product NU-22 is the best of both worlds.  It’s environmentally friendly as R-22A and as cool and efficient as the old R-22

5)      Flush and Clean out before your recharge

6)      We never change a AC pump without replacing the expansion valve /orifice tube  and Receiver Dryer/Accumulator when repairing broken pumps – we do

7)      There is no risk in ruining your Air Conditioning System by contaminating your system with incompatible refrigerants.  We use an Air Conditioning gas analyzer/Identifier.  We ensure we will always use the right refrigerant for the job.

8)      We have completely different gauge packs and evacuation pumps so there is no cross contamination of different air conditioning systems.

9)      We can locate air conditioning leaks very fast with our sniffers and UV lighting system

10)   Always test for leaks before recharging with our three different vacuum pumps

11)   Why spend two days sawing the main arteries of your solid plumbing out of your AC systems on your tour bus, boat, multi person mega AC systems, when all you need is a small $20 graphite packing gland at the control gate valve.  They leak through the stem and sometimes it is easier solving a rubric’s cube than sourcing these parts out.  But at Mobile Diesel Medic we have found these and other hard locate part #’s.


For those brave souls that want to know the theory behind Air Conditioning systems

Photo: © Jessica Armstrong

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