You will never see
us arriving
at a job sight
loaded with
5 gallon buckets
of rusty tools
attempting to
"wing it"

— Mark Armstrong

Air Brakes Medic


Nothing more frustrating than needing a $30 part to get your tractor rolling but all the parts are 90 miles away.  When it comes to locating brake parts for an emergency breakdown on your rig, sometimes it feels like you would have better luck locating the parts in a desert.  The San Francisco Bay Area is our backyard, and we here at Mobile Diesel Medic have been repairing the famous “air brake system will not charge” or “the parking brakes won’t release” and all other air brake problems for over 20 years.

We have developed a solution for the anemic truck part store dilemma.  Our team of technicians and office staff have researched old invoices and created an “A list” of ALL the common parts needed to resolve all your probable Air Brake problems.  We have bundled all these “A list” items in large storage bins.  packed and ready to go.  All the Air Brake bins sit quietly in our main dispatch waiting eagerly to be loaded on the back of one of our five service trucks.  Essentially we show up with a shop on wheels as well as a parts store on wheels. Because of the severely high preparation and efficiency of our operation, our final bill will come in at half the time of a normal repair outfit (mobile or not) and therefore your final bill will come in hundreds less than a normal invoice.   We will be competitively priced on your final bill, much much faster than any other shop.  Please note not all parts are found at the truck stores nor will we have everything but when we go out we go for real trying to make the repair as painless as we can.  The goal being not to gouge the customer but to save them money and time.  Our business model being as word grows about the excellent and unusual high level of service, so does our customer volume.  Please have a look in our air brake section at all the photo’s of our air brake components and repair bins.  The pictures of our inventory and remember, we use the same business strategy for all our service calls.  We have bins for brake jobs, leaking axles, wheel studs, welding, Powerstroke Diesels, hydraulic work, charging systems, lift-gates, roll up doors, starters, air conditioning etc…


Photography: © Jessica Armstrong 2013