Air Brake repair in San Rafael California

Nothing more frustrating than needing a $30 part to get your tractor rolling but all the parts are 90 miles away.  The North Bay is a beautiful place to live but God help you if your air brakes won’t unlock when you are rolling your truck in San Rafael, Marin or Novato.  When it comes to truck parts San Rafael, Marin and the rest of the North Bay you might as well be broken down in a desert.  Sonoma and Marin Counties are our backyard and we here at Mobile Diesel Medic have been repairing the famous “air brake system will not charge” or “the parking brakes won’t release” for over 20 years.   We have developed a solution for the anemic truck part store dilemma.  Our team of technicians and office staff have researched old invoices and created an “A list” of ALL the common parts needed to resolve all your probable Air Brake problems.  We have bundled all these “A list” items in large storage bins.  packed and ready to go waiting for the call.   All the Air Brake bins sit quietly in our main dispatch waiting eagerly to be loaded on the back of one of our service trucks.  Essentially we show up with a shop on wheels as well as a parts store on wheels. We will be cheaper than the dealer as well as faster than the dealer, the local shop and all the other mobile guys.  Please note not all parts are found at the truck stores nor will we have everything but when we go out we go for real trying to make the repair as quick and economical as possible.  The goal being not to gouge the customer but to save them as much money and time as we can, with the hope of repeat business and an increase in volume as word spreads about the excellent and unusual high level of service.  Please have a look in our air brake section of all the photo’s of pictures of our inventory and remember, we use the same business strategy for all our service call.  We have bins for brake jobs, leaking axles, wheel studs, welding, Powerstroke Diesels, hydraulic work, charging systems, lift-gates, roll up doors, starters etc…

  1.  Air Conditioning
  2. Welding
  4. Truck Electrical
  5. RV, Toy Hauler, 5th wheel trailer

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