You will never see
us arriving
at a job sight
loaded with
5 gallon buckets
of rusty tools
attempting to
"wing it"

— Mark Armstrong

Welding & Fabricating

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Thirty percent of what our company does is weld and fabricate. Our jobs range from several hours to several weeks. No job is too small or big. Including Cast Steel!! Everyone says cast steel welding is a dying art. Our entire team of guys has the skills, special materials, and equipment to weld Cast Steel,

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Navigating The Ship "Quality" In An Ocean Of Snake Oil

Buying Work Uniforms shouldn’t be a heroic deed. I mean how can Aqua Man fight the good fight if he is using up all his super hero mojo struggling to maintain basic Aqua Man life-support. He can’t be bothered with helping and defending if he is just struggling to keep it together swimming in an

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