You will never see
us arriving
at a job sight
loaded with
5 gallon buckets
of rusty tools
attempting to
"wing it"

— Mark Armstrong

Mobile Diesel Medic an Improved Low Cost Alternative and Not Just a Compromise to the Dealer

We were just called out on a mysterious electrical problem for a larger older Chevy Diesel Van. Lots of bizarre gremlins, lights not going on when they should, glow plugs not shutting down when they should, and when the customer would fix one thing, two additional electrical problems would appear. All our service trucks are

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Lubing Volvo End Dumps 4am in Novato

You ever drive by the Institute of Aging in Novato? If you are headed Northbound on Highway 101 it is sitting on the lonely west side of the Highway, just before the Narrows, all by itself on top of what seems to be a small mountain. When I was a kid my Uncle Ward used

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